Saturday, April 9, 2011

Leadership Positioning for Unilever Aviance MLM in Malaysia

Claim your Leadership Position for Unilever Global new
Premium Brand Division .. AVIANCE .. Malaysia Launch
October 2011

In Malaysia, the Unilever story began in 1947

The first Lever Brothers soap and margarine manufacturing plant in Bangsar.

Today, it is a trusted name in nutrition, hygiene and personal care. Unilever has been
adding vitality to the lives
of consumers, creating products that help people feel good,
look good and get more out of life.

With a reputable history of 74 years in Thailand and 63 years in Malaysia, three to four
generations of Thais and Malaysians have fully trusted Unilever for their daily nutrition,
hygiene and personal care needs. Capitalizing on this "Name" that we, our parents and
grandparents already trusted is only logical.


It's like joining Amway right from Day 1.

In Malaysia, It's Hot, Hot, Hot!
Who wants to be a Millionaire?
Mr.Paul Polman, CEO Unilever Global asked the audience during his visit to Unilever
Thailand, July 2010.
Please visit my webpage first,

You are given a free complimentary personal webpage to build a business with us.
Just Sign Up to start your Thailand and Pre-Marketing the Malaysian markets with us.
Estimated official launch month is October 2011.

To Sign up, you need 3 details of your Sponsor:
(1) Mobile phone numbers : 0124836281
(2) Post Code : 11100
(3) Birthday DDMM : 0903

To expand, you will also need to provide your numbers to your team.

Upon your successful -Sign up-, you need to check your email to -activate- your
webpage. After that, please upload your profile picture.
(Drag and crop within the program) Click upload to save picture.

When it is done, return to your homepage to check your profile picture and study
its content. With everything is ready, email your webpage link,
( (use your real full name, not "aviance"
or "unilever", etc. as this will be your log-in name and also name for paying
commissions) and the 3 details to your relatives and friends whom you must
first share this golden opportunity.

Simple steps to leverage on your timing.
You are ahead, be ahead and stay ahead.

One day, you will look back and say -That's the simplest way to Financial
Freedom - and I truly understood, WHO, WHEN and WHAT I know, create opportunities
that are truly unmatched.

Best regards,
Khoo Boo Yeang


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